July 30, 2020

Get to Know the Guild Part 4: Textbooks

While there may not be dedicated provider at UWA for textbooks anymore, there are still plenty of places to get your hands on one. Online study has become a bigger part of student life then ever recently, so it makes sense that textbooks are readily available digitally as well.

What books do I need? 

If you’re not sure what books you need for your units, check your unit outline. Your Unit Coordinators may list “essential” or “recommended” texts, or might refer to different textbooks across the semester.

Our advice: wait a couple of weeks before purchasing your books. This gives you a chance to see whether you want to continue the unit, and how frequently the Unit Coordinator refers to the text before dropping lots of money on a book. 

Where can I access my books? 

There are lots of different places you can get your books from – here’s some of our recommendations:

The Spotify of Textbooks

Enter Perlego, the self-professed 'Spotify of textbooks'. This online textbook subscription service allows you to access over 300 000 textbooks starting from just $12/month. You can annotate, highlight and bookmark; pay monthly or annually; cancel anytime; and your access to their library is unlimited!

Secondhand Bookshop

You can still buy pre-loved textbooks and Unit Readers at the Secondhand Bookshop in Guild Village. You'll also find gifts, unit readers, second hand labcoats, Transperth Smartriders, UWA Merchandise and heaps more. And once you’re finished with your textbooks (or your regular fiction books), you can hand them in to the bookshop and they'll sell them for you. 

You keep 75% of the profits, and put in 0% of the effort – how good. 

Online booksellers

For those of us who prefer a physical textbook, there's still plenty of suppliers to turn to! Online booksellers have great selections of textbooks, and you can pick them up heavily discounted if you know where to look. Here's a few we recommend:


School Locker



Book Depository 

Google Books (digital copies only)

UWA Libraries

You can pick up your unit readings from UWA Libraries through OneSearch. Most of the time these will be stocked in the High Demand section.

The libraries often have textbooks available in digital format, so if you’re not keen to spend $$ you can check if the book is online instead.

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