July 31, 2020

Get to Know the Guild Part 5: Get Involved

Uni is about so much more than a degree. Make the most of your time at UWA by getting involved in campus life - it's a great way to meet new people outside of your classes, build up your skills and experience, and have fun while you do it!

Faculty Societies

Every faculty has its own society, known collectively as FacSocs. These societies sit on the Education Council and represent the students studying in that faculty. Through your FacSoc you can get involved in things like Inter-Faculty Sport, study nights, social events and more.

We recommend getting involved with or at least following your FacSoc on social media to stay up to date with anything important regarding your faculty.


We’ve got over 160 Guild-affiliated clubs and societies at UWA covering a broad range of interests. You’re bound to find something the club for you, you can see them a in our Club Directory Like the Facebook pages of the clubs you join or are interested in joining, so you never miss an event.

The best way to join a club is to visit them at Club Carnival on James Oval in week two. Most of the clubs will have stalls, giving you the chance to sample everything on offer!

We’ve also set up our Clubs in Quarantine Facebook group, a noticeboard where you can keep up to date with club events.

Guild Departments

We’ve got a range of Guild Departments representing a range of interests. You can get involved by liking our Facebook pages to keep up to date, or emailing the relevant student reps. Keep an eye out for opportunities to join our committees, where you can have a say on issues affecting all students!

Guild Volunteering

Guild Volunteering is your go-to for awesome volunteering opportunities with literally hundreds of life-changing organisations, both at UWA and in the wider community.

Volunteering is a great way to create impact, gain valuable skills and have fun in a friendly, inclusive environment of like-minded people. Guild Volunteering provides these opportunities all year through day trips, regional trips and events as well as regular micro-volunteering activities for those looking to volunteer on a more casual basis.

Find the perfect opportunity for you here!

What’s on?

You can keep up to date with what’s coming up by checking out the Guild Events calendar, or in Guild Weekly, our weekly newsletter sent out during semester to all Guild members!