The Marketing and Management Society of UWA (MARKAM), is the first of its kind, student run society, based at the University of Western Australia. We aim to help students further their studies, their careers and employment prospects. Our mission is to join partnerships with experienced companies and organisations within the industry to benefit the students who are a part of the society, by offering careers advice and opportunities. In doing this, professionals from the Marketing and Management industry are invited in to discuss their work and offer insight into a career in these two particular fields. Goals: - To enrich the experience of studying Marketing and Management at the University of Western Australia. - Create strong partnerships between UWA students and the Marketing and Management industry. - Further enlighten students on the different career paths that can be undertaken by majoring in Marketing and Management.

The Committee

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Galvin Phuona


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Caitlin Barrett


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Tegan Gibson


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Yiting Chen