A little bit about the Committee

The Election Culture Committee works closely with Guild Council and the Western Australian Electoral Commission to identify shortcomings in our electoral processes and opportunities for improvement

Key areas of focus for the committee include voter experience, candidate wellbeing and upholding the values and expectations of the University and the Guild. The Committee investigates and makes changes to our election processes to ensure the Guild elections can be a positive experience for voters and candidates alike.


The Election Culture Committee membership consist of:

    • Adam Elyousef (Chair of Guild Council and Executive Officer of the Election Culture Committee)
    • April Htun (Education Council President)
    • Eleanor White (Societies Council President)
    • Ridhima Vinayachandran (Ethnocultural Co-Officer)
    • Viknash VM (Mature Age Students Association Chair)
    • Vaishnavi RN (Residential Students' Department President)
    • Freyja Dyson (Ordinary Committee Member)
    • Anisha Chowdhury (Ordinary Committee Member)
    • Sonal Perera (Ordinary Committee Member)

Staff sitting on the committee include:

    • Tony Goodman (Managing Director)