A little bit about the Committee

The Corporate Services Committee is made up of staff and student representatives, and is aimed at improving the Guild’s corporate operations.

The Committee meets monthly to keep members from all corporate-related departments of the Guild updated, discuss new ideas and plan strategies for the Guild's corporate services including finance, IT, policies and procedures and administration.


The membership of the Corporate Services committee consists of:

  • Dauda (Daj) Janneh (Guild General Secretary and Chair of the Corporate Services Committee)
  • Emma Mezger (Guild President)
  • Jameson Thompson (Guild Vice-President and Executive Officer of the Corporate Services Committee)
  • Lucinda Thai-Le Tran (Access Co-Officer)
  • Adam Elyousef (Ordinary Guild Councillor)
  • Jordan Colgan (Ordinary Committee Member)

Staff members sitting on the committee are:

  • Mutya Maraginot-Joseph (Finance Director)
  • Fernanda Leme (Secondhand Bookshop Manager)
  • Kelvin Lee (Guild ICT and Digital Projects Officer)
  • Elaine Yan (Accountant)
  • Melissa Hetherington (Guild Archivist)
2020 Corporate Services Committee Minutes