A little bit about the Committee

The Student Services Committee is responsible for the frontline services of the Guild, and is focused on making university more enjoyable for students!

The role of the Student Services Committee is to oversee the Guild’s delivery of student services, including Student Assist, membership benefits, publications e.g. Pelican Magazine, and Guild Volunteering (amongst others).

The Student Services Committee also oversee the running of major Guild events like O-Day, End of Semester Shows and The Cruickshank-Routley Memorial Guild Ball.


The membership of the Student Services committee consists of:

  • Eleanor White (Societies Council President and Chair of the Student Services Committee and Executive Officer of the Student Services Committee)
  • Emma Mezger (Guild President)
  • April Htun (Education Council President)
  • Jameson Thompson (Guild Vice-President)
  • Chloe Kam (Public Affairs Council President)
  • Joey Nguyen (Ordinary Guild Councillor)

Staff sitting on the committee include:

  • Jenny Ophel (Associate Director – Student Services & Human Resources)
  • Alana Thompson (Student Assist Manager)
  • Leigh Chalmers (Events Manager)
  • Antonia Taylor (Volunteering Manager)
  • Caitlin MacPhail (Marketing & Communications Manager)
2020 Student Services Committee Minutes